Mission Statement

The underpinning of the organization is its mission. The mission is the enduring purpose that is the thread linking the past with the present, and setting the underlying foundation for the future.

Evansville Surgery Center Mission

To provide our patients and physicians with an exceptional surgical experience.

Vision Statement

The organization’s vision statement aspires to be relevant and easily understood and communicated. It strives to inspire commitment to reach for a bold and challenging future. The key to the vision is commitment.

Evansville Surgery Center Vision

To be recognized as “Best in Class.”

Goals and Objectives

In providing an alternative to hospitalization, for out-patient surgery clients in the Tri-State and outlying communities, the Evansville Surgery Center upholds the following goals:

- To deliver the highest quality surgical care creating an exceptional experience for our patients, families and physicians.
- To ensure a safe environment for patients, families, physicians and employees.
- To promote patient centered care.

Organizational Values

Corporate behavior, how an organization acts while engaged in activities related to fulfilling its mission and striving to attain its vision, must be grounded by a set of core values. These values are to be embraced and demonstrated by everyone in the organization.

Evansville Surgery Center Values

- Integrity
- Respect
- Compassion
- Excellence
- Collaboration